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      Harbin Shunmai School was founded in 2014, located in the North Bank of the beautiful Songhua River in Harbin, No. 2 Shunmai Road, Songbei District, Harbin. It was invested by the Taiwanese Shunmai Group and approved by the Harbin Education Bureau as a high-end private school with kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and foreign language schools.
      Harbin Shunmai School covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 110,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million yuan. The first phase project was built in 2013 and put into operation in 2014. The construction of primary school teaching building, junior high school teaching building and art museum is 30 thousand square meters. 

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Superfine Teacher:

Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Yingshun  Li Xiaoyu  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin

Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li  Liu XiQing  

Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui  Yang Bo  Ding Xiuli    Wu Xiang Gui       Gao Feng Ying   Lv Xi Ping  Lin Zhi  Jian   He Shuhua 

Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie  Zhang Xihui  Wang Wei  Kindergarten teacher:Zhao Ming  Li Zhaojing  Cui Yunxiu 
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Learn the Ten Guidelines and Strive to Be a Teacher of Four Owners

According to the document spirit of "Notice on Promoting the Ten Guidelines" issued by the Ministry of Education of Songbei District, on the afternoon of December 13, the Primary School Department of Harbin Shunmai School held a special meeting on learning and implementing the Ten Guidelines for Teachers'Professional Behavior. At the meeting, Principal Liu Jinzhi of the Ministry of Primary Education interpreted in detail the Ten Guidelines for the Professional Behavior of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in the New Era. First of all, teachers should adhere to the correct political direction. Teachers should be guided by the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, practice the core values of socialism, set an example for students, in order to guide and help students grasp the direction of life. Secondly, teachers should have noble moral sentiments, establish good teachers'ethics and style of teaching, and establish themselves, learn and teach by virtue. Thirdly, teachers should continue to learn to improve their humanistic literacy and professional level. Principal Liu put forward two requirements for all teachers: one is to further enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and honor, standardize professional behavior and clarify the bottom line of teachers'ethics; the other is to strive to become a good teacher with ideal and belief, moral sentiment, solid knowledge and benevolence based on the "four unification" proposed by Secretary-General Xi. After the meeting, the teachers of each school year group and subject group in the primary school department have conducted in-depth collective learning in accordance with their own teaching practice. Everyone has expressed that in the future work and life, we must improve their awareness of teaching according to law, be strict with ourselves, abide by teachers'ethics, further standardize their own educational and teaching behavior, and strive to improve their own teachers' ethics. Self-respect, self-reflection, self-alarm and self-encouragement at all times will take the Ten Guidelines for Professional Behavior of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in the New Era as a reference, standardize their teaching behavior, and make continuous efforts to promote students'all-round and healthy development and to run people's satisfactory education.



“Sweet Life, Love in Shunmai” Gourmet Baking Activity in the Primary School Team of Harbin Shunmai

In order to cultivate students'practical ability, improve students' practical ability and comprehensive quality of life, experience life is learning, so that students can better get close to life and integrate into life. Recently, the primary school headquarters of Harbin Shunmai School organized a second season food baking activity with the theme of "Sweet Life, Love in Shunmai". Before the activity started, the brigade cadres had already come to the brigade room to prepare happily. The speakers, microphones, newspapers, materials and so on are all available. Students wear chef's caps, aprons and chefs. At the beginning of the activity, two team leaders acted as the moderators and made clear the division of tasks to the team cadres. Team cadres have shared their prepared materials for everyone to use. With the concerted cooperation of all the people, a cup of juice, a fresh sushi, is really fragrant, delicious and mouth-watering. During the activity, some head teachers came to see their class's "chefs" to show their talents. They rushed to taste the works of art produced by the "chefs" one after another. After tasting, they were full of praise. Teacher Li Yingshun also came to "be a guest". She vividly explained the method of making sushi for the team cadres, and personally demonstrated the process of making sushi. After the completion of the production, the two teams led by the two captains had a great competition of works, one is fresh style, the other is creative style, both groups have their own merits, they are very delicious. There are also some "little cats" who eat sushi of this taste and drink juice of that taste, even the materials, eat a piece of meat floss, a piece of seaweed, an apple, an orange. What a bunch of snacks! Team leaders will also make good food to two bilingual experimental classes of students and sisters, their classmates and their favorite teachers. This side hair, that side eat, a peaceful atmosphere. Watching them savor the "artworks" made by themselves, the team cadres'faces are filled with brilliant smiles, and a sense of pride and honor arises spontaneously. After the activity, all the cadres of the team exchanged in the brigade room. Everyone shared their feelings about the event. Some of the team members spoke freely. Some said, "This event broadened my horizon and broadened my knowledge. I never made sushi before. Today I learned a craft." "Today's activities make me feel very happy, let me experience the fun of collective activities." "My mother used to have such a hard time making sushi. It seems that I'll have to have a good meal in the future." "I didn't like sushi before. Today I feel like I'm making it so delicious. I've been eating it all the time." Every team cadre's face was filled with happy smiles. This activity not only exercised the students'practical ability and creativity, but also made the team members understand the sharing and solidarity and friendship. Hope that more students can actively participate in such activities, and enjoy the fruits of their own work together!

The spirit of the higher education committee

Chen Haibo, who was founded by the Provincial Committee of Education and Industry, attended the unv

Recently, the Education Work Committee of the Provincial Party Committee was officially established. Chen Haibo, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Committee of Education and Industry, attended the unveiling ceremony and presided over the first plenary meeting. Chen Haibo emphasized that the establishment of the Provincial Committee of Educational Work is of great significance to the construction of a leading and guiding system for the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary work, to the overall development of the Party in the provincial education system, and to the promotion of the extension from strict control of the Party to the grass-roots level. Chen Haibo stressed that we should improve our political position, adhere to the correct political direction, strengthen the Party's overall leadership over education, and ensure that the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the requirements of provincial Party committees are implemented. We should highlight the focus of work, give full play to the functions of the Educational Labor Committee, comprehensively strengthen the Party building in the education system, strengthen and improve the ideological and political work in the education system, and do a solid job in maintaining the stability of the education system. We should adhere to problem orientation, organize in an orderly way from top to bottom, solve outstanding problems in the light of educational practice, and ensure that the discussion on emancipating the mind and promoting high-quality development in the education system achieves tangible results. The meeting heard a report on the implementation of the spirit of the conference on strengthening and improving ideological and political work in Colleges and universities throughout the province, the discussion on emancipating the mind and promoting high-quality development in the education system, and the rectification of the feedback of the sixth inspection group of the Central Committee. It deliberated and adopted the Rules of Procedure of the Education Working Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee.


“Snowball Cup” Football Tournament in Middle Junior Middle School of Harbin Shunmai School

In response to the provincial "ice and snow activities for millions of teenagers" and fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of students to come outdoors and enjoy ice and snow in close contact with nature, the "Snowball Cup" football match sponsored by the eighth grade of Shunmai Junior Middle School in Harbin officially opened on December 3, 2018 in the outdoor stadium. Principal Zhang Hui, Political and Educational Director Yang Peng, School Year Director Wu Xianggui, League Secretary Geng Yitong and all class and section teachers came to the competition site to cheer the athletes. All the eighth grade students actively participated in the competition. In order to let more children experience the joy of ice and snow activities, Teacher Hong Zhe, the head of the sports team, after careful organization and reasonable arrangement, will participate in the competition of male and female classmates in the form of four confrontation groups, taking the form of group timing for group competitions. In order to win the first prize in this competition, the students take full advantage of their spare time to train actively, use their brains, think fantastically, and design a variety of novel football tactics. This competition can be described as ups and downs, suspense, the athletes'excellent skills and skillful tactics can be called first-class, brilliant. Finally, after four days of fierce competition, Class Six of Eight Years won the championship of this competition, Class One of Eight Years won the runner-up by a slight gap, and Class Five of Eight Years lost its third rank. A total of 15 goals were scored in this tournament. Yongjiayong of Class Six in eight years and Li Xinyao of Class Two in eight years won the title of "Best Shooter" respectively. "Snowball Cup" soccer competition not only exercises the willpower quality of the children in winter outdoor activities, but also strengthens the sense of unity of all classes and increases the cohesion of the class. This spirit of never giving in, transcending self-belief, inspires many students in Shunmai School. Children will surely be able to bring this spirit and belief into their future study and life, and also be able to spread good news and achieve good results in their studies.

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